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  • Eamonn Farrell is a visual artist, living in County Kildare, Ireland. Since 2009, he has been engaged in his Elements...
    The Unforgiven

    Eamonn Farrell is a visual artist, living in County Kildare, Ireland. Since 2009, he has been engaged in his Elements of Nature Project, working with the nude female form in the Irish rural and urban landscape. His dramatic images have featured in exhibitions, books and magazines, in Ireland and abroad.


    Originally his project was intended as a welcome break from the rigours of photojournalism. A chance to enjoy the relative freedom of the art world, and an opportunity to give a shout-out to an issue close to his heart - Climate Change. Fuelled by the collapse of the economy of the Celtic Tiger, his shout - out, quickly became a roar against the banks, builders, financial, state and religious institutions, as the nation descended into bankruptcy, and large sections of the population lost their jobs, homes, dignity, and in many cases their lives.


    His project is still ongoing.


    Due to the economic collapse, Farrell's move away from photojournalism and into art full time, was seriously delayed, and it is only now that time has become available to properly promote his art work. 


    Hence this website.


    His photojournalism had already received recognition and awards, culminating in his two major solo exhibitions on disgraced former Irish taoiseach (prime minister), Charles J Haughey - Power, Politics, and Public Image. 


    That work will also feature on this website.


    While cocooning during the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020, Farrell created an online show, The Naked City, which featured in Dublin's Culture Night 2021.


    That too will feature here.